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XNUT-100 Embedded communication computer with Ethernet

After 10 years in production we decided to consolidate our two XNUT offerings and to discontinue the XNUT-100 model.

Please consider the compatible XNUT-105 instead!

Given the source code and hardware compatibility between XNUT-100 and XNUT-105 it should be just a matter of re-compilation to migrate your application to our XNUT-105 module which is almost identical but has a different MCU and an additional CAN port.

XNUT-100 single board computer (SBC)
Ethernet interface RS-485 port RS-422 port RS-232 port

XNUT-100 is an Ethernet single board computer module with industrialized form-factor, DIN-rail enclosure and connectivity options like RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces. A CAN version is available as XNUT-105.

XNUT-100 is based upon the AVR ATmega128 CPU as it's core and the free open source RTOS and TCP/IP stack Nut/OS.


2 page datasheet of the proconX XNUT-100 module
Manual describing the hardware aspects of the proconX XNUT-100 module
Introduction to the Nut/OS operating system (July 2009)
Software Tools
AVR-GCC compiler toolchain for XNUT-100/XNUT-105 version 20060421 (recommended version, compiles most compact code)
Free Tftpd32 utility by Ph. Jounin
Libraries & Operating Systems
Nut/OS Windows installer version 4.4.1
Nut/OS source tarball (Linux/Mac OS X/Free BSD) version 4.4.1
TFTP Ethernet bootloader for the XNUT-100/XNUT-105 modules version 1.1
Board support library for the XNUT-100/XNUT-105 modules version 1.0
Application Notes
Difference between the XNUT-100 & XNUT-105 and the Ethernut 1 Hardware
Installation of the AVR-GCC Compiler Toolchain
Installation of Nut/OS 4
Configuration and Compilation of Nut/OS 4
Programming the Nut/OS httpd Example Application
Fuse settings for the XNUT-100 and XNUT-105 CPUs

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  • Free Development Toolkit with compiler and debugger (open-source)
  • Free Real-Time Operating System with TCP/IP stack (open-source)
  • Ethernet port
  • RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 ports
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • 10-30 V DC power supply
  • Atmel ATmega128 CPU
  • Realtek RTL8019AS Network Interface Controller
  • 128 KB Flash ROM
  • 32 KB static RAM
  • Dual USART
  • Status LEDs
  • JTAG in-circuit programming & debugging port
  • Ethernut 1.3 hardware compatible
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