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Embedded Ethernet: Ethernut

The "Ethernut" project is an Open Source Project for building Embedded Ethernet Devices and is hosted on SourceForge.

Nut/OS Operating System

The main building blocks of the Ethernut project are a reference hardware design and the well documented Open Source Real Time Operating System Nut/OS.

It is free to use and distribute for both commercial and non-commercial applications under a BSD license.


Applications are developed in the C programming language using the free AVR-GCC compiler toolchain on either Windows or Linux development hosts.

Nut/OS' architecture has been focused on portable standards. Developers with experience in C programming and TCP/IP applications for the PC will soon feel confident. Existing software can be adapted for Nut/OS with minimal effort.

The Nut/OS operating system offers a feature rich API including:

At the same time Nut/OS is a very lean OS which is well suited for microcontroller CPUs and their small memory footprint. Typically more than 100 KB program space and 20 KB data memory are available for your application. Nut/OS comes with several sample applications, including an embedded web server and a RS-232 to Ethernet gateway.

Further Reading about Nut/OS and the Ethernut Project

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RTOS and TCP/IP stacks
Open Source Real Time Operating System and TCP/IP protocol suite.
Developer Community
Forum of the Nut/OS and Ethernut user community.

Open Source Ethernet = "Ethernut"

The Ethernut project is an Open Source platform for building Embedded Ethernet Devices.

It's license provides royalty free, commercial use in both open and closed source projects.

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