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Ethernut Single Board Computer Product Guide

Since its introduction, "Ethernut" boards have been used to develop some of the most innovative products. Using the Ethernut hardware, RTOS and toolchain, developers have everything they need to develop leading networked devices rapidly and affordably. The boards are well suited for application development in a wide range of applications. Some areas are:

  • Networked sensors
  • MP3 streaming
  • Remote monitoring equipment
  • Alarm service provision
  • Remote diagnose and service
  • Home automation and building control

Open Source Ethernet = "Ethernut"

The Ethernut project is an Open Source platform for building Embedded Ethernet Devices.

It's license provides royalty free, commercial use in both open and closed source projects.

Ethernut 2.1

Ethernut 2.1

AVR 8-bit single board computer board with 128 KB Flash, 512 KB RAM, 100 Mbps Ethernet, open source RTOS & TCP/IP stack and embedded web server.
Ethernut 3.1

Ethernut 3.1

ARM7 32-bit single board computer board with 4 MB Flash and 256 KB RAM, 100 Mbps Ethernet, open source RTOS & TCP/IP stack and embedded web server.

Ethernut Comparison Table

Feature Ethernut 2.1 Ethernut 3.1
CPU ATmega128 or
Clock Rate 14.7456 MHz 73.728 MHz
Programmable PLL
RAM 32 kBytes +
30 banks of 16 kBytes ea.
256 kBytes
Non-Volatile Memory 128/256 kBytes Flash
4 kBytes EEPROM
512 kByte serial Flash
4 MBytes Flash
32 kBytes serial EEPROM
Ethernet LAN91C111 10/100 MBit DM9000E 10/100 MBit
Programmable Hardware XC9536XL, internal use only XC95144XL, partly available
CY22393 programmable clock
Main RS232 DB9 female with RTS/CTS DB9 male with full modem handshake
Secondary RS232 Via cable adapter (jumper) or
TTL at expansion port
Via cable adapter (CPLD) or
TTL at expansion port
RS485 Yes, half duplex No
Digital I/O Ports 31 Up to 48, partly via CPLD
Analog Inputs 8 No
Memory Expansion Yes Yes, via CPLD
Clock / Calendar
No Yes, with capacitor backup
Memory Card Slot No Yes, MMC or SD Card
Power Supply Linear
DC 8 - 12V 400mA
DC 5V 200mA - 24V 70mA
Temperature Range Industrial Commercial
Dimension mm 98 x 78 98 x 78
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