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Ethernut 2.1 Embedded Ethernet

Ethernut 2 Ethernet Single Board Computer
100 MBit/s Fast Ethernet interface RS-485 port RS-232 port

Ethernut 2.1 is a low-cost microcontroller board with 100 Mbps Ethernet, open source RTOS & TCP/IP stack and embedded web server. It is based on the Atmel ATmega128 AVR RISC CPU and the LAN91C111 100 Mbit/s Ethernet controller.

Ethernut 2 starter kit The Ethernut 2 CPU board is available stand-alone or as a Starter Kit containing the required development tools to get you quickly started using the CPU board.

Block Diagram

Ethernut 2 Block Diagram


Ethernut 2.1 Product Description (Rev. 1.0)
Ethernut Version 2.1 Hardware User\s Manual (Rev. 2.2)
Ethernut 2.1 Quickstart Guide for Windows (Rev 1.0)
Introduction to the Nut/OS operating system (July 2009)

Application Development

Applications are developed in the C programming language using the free AVR-GCC compiler toolchain on either Windows or Linux development hosts.

Nut/OS' architecture has been focused on portable standards. Developers with experience in C programming and TCP/IP applications for the PC will soon feel confident. Existing software can be adapted for Nut/OS with minimal effort.

The Nut/OS operating system offers a feature rich API including:

At the same time Nut/OS is a very lean OS which is well suited for microcontroller CPUs and their small memory footprint. Typically more than 100 KB program space and 20 KB data memory are available for your application. Nut/OS comes with several sample applications, including an embedded web server and a RS-232 to Ethernet gateway.


Ethernut boards and starter kits can be ordered directly from our web store:

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  • ATmega128 8-bit RISC microcontroller with up to 16 MIPS throughput.
  • Full duplex IEEE 802.3 compliant 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller with on-board RJ-45 connector.
  • Two serial ports, RS232 at DB-9 connector and half duplex RS485 at screw terminal.
  • 128 kByte in-system programmable Flash ROM and 512 kByte serial Dataflash.
  • 4 kByte in-system programmable EEPROM.
  • 32 kByte SRAM plus 480 kByte banked SRAM.
  • 22 programmable digital I/O lines.
  • 8-channel, 10-bit analog/digital converter.
  • Two 8-bit and two 16-bit timers/counters.
  • Watchdog timer for enhanced reliability.
  • LED indicators for power supply and Ethernet activity.
  • Single power supply DC 8-12V.
  • Board size: 78 x 98 mm (3.1" x 3.9").
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